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SmartMap Free Trial for Apple, Android & Symbian now available!

SmartMap™ for Mobile Devices 

Smarter Solutions provides innovative and flexible solutions that simplify, optimize and transform the way our clients do business. Smarter Solutions assists clients to meet their business needs of today while helping them realize the opportunities of tomorrow. To set an example of our values, Smarter Solutions has developed SmartMap™ a Cambodian Road Map for GPS Navigation.

SmartMap™ assists in providing efficient travel from point to point, saving time and money (fuel & vehicle wear). With computerized routing to determine the fastest and most suitable path to your destination, you will be able efficiently get to your destination and know the surroundings while on your journey. With over 48,000 points of interests you can search for a point via many ways such as an address, city, attraction or business.


 Smarter Solutions has partnered with MIT Ltd. to become the official distributor of Cityguide™ GPS navigation software for Cambodia. CityGuide™, – a unique navigational software for drivers, which displays traffic condition including traffic jams, tough-traffic road segments, closed and restricted roads and by-pass schemes. CityGuide also allows choosing an optimal route for driving in city conditions. It also provides drivers and pedestrians with a user friendly interface on various mobile platforms and GPS devices. These include:
•    Windows Mobile
•    Symbian (For Nokia mobile phones)
•    Android (Such as HTC and Samsung mobile phones)
•    Windows CE (Great for InCar & Personal Navigation devices)
•    Window XP/Vista/7
•    Apple iOS (Such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

MIT Ltd. was established in 2003 in St.Petersburg, Russia. The core business of the company is design and distribution of the CityGuide™ software product and development of electronic chart services such as vehicles monitoring, road traffic updates, electronic charts updates and real-time traffic jam service.

To see the available CityGuide™ products and look please click here SmartMap™ for Mobile Devices




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