GIS Services

What is GIS?
The abbreviation GIS stands for the Geographic Information Systems. GIS is made up of software, data and personnel and it is used for visualizations, processing, analyzing and the presentation of information in the spatial context. GIS can become an invaluable tool for business activities in the hands of a skilled employee allowing you to change data from mere information into knowledge.

What to analyze?
An estimated 80% of all data contains a spatial aspect. This is what makes it a potential source of information for GIS. As far as the business practice is concerned, this means that all digital data, e.g. sales, employment, turnover is linked to a geographical locality, e.g. a postal address of a company’s branch can become subject of spatial analyses.

Smarter Solutions provides a wide range of services focused on meeting the demanding requirements of land mangement in today's world. We specialize in the development and implementation of integrated mapping solutions for commercial and government organisations.  We offer creative and innovative end-to-end business solutions with particular emphasis on digital mapping.

Information Technology Services

Can you cope with all the demands made on your in-house IT engineers? Are there projects you can’t complete or skills your team lacks? Are day-to-day problems preventing you from focusing on the big issues? If so, Smarter Solution’s ranges of IT Support services are designed to help.
Today's business is global and increasingly complex. There is unrelenting pressure to reduce costs, for the business as whole and specifically for IT. At the same time, IT has become critically important to the business, so costs must be reduced while maintaining or even improving service levels. And of course, business requirements continue to change so IT must keep pace.

Some clients look to us to take responsibility for all aspects of their IT, including day-to-day support, technical management and long-term planning. Others see us as a supplementary resource, able to work with an in-house IT support team, and able to adjust our service-mix to suit their changing requirements if it be Holiday Cover, One-Off projects, relieving the pressure by handling all 1st line calls or handling your trickiest server problems when you need specialist skills.
Some clients retain us on a fixed-price contract. Some opt for a variable-rate contract that flexes to suit their needs or our guaranteed response times. Others use us only to deliver key projects. Flexibility is key to our offer; tailored exactly to your business needs.
In all cases, our focus is on delivering a quality service, designed around the needs of the individual business we are partnering with.

Our IT services include:

  • Deployment -- Our IT support teams help you deploy new technology quickly, getting users up and running, while reducing your costs. Highly trained staff - not just in technology, but also in customer service.
  • Service Desk -- At the heart of our IT service management model is the service desk. We deliver high quality help desk support through our focus on people, process and technology. We go beyond traditional incident management to deliver request, problem, configuration and change management services as a core competency.
  • Deskside Support -- Complementing our service desk delivery, we provide onsite services to support end users and their systems. Guaranteed response times - Whenever or wherever you have a problem, our computer support engineers are available 24/7 to make sure that it’s fixed fast. Our response times are guaranteed. And our engineers are good at what they do, because we recruit and train some of the best people in the business.
  • Security Administration -- We manage end user account creation, permission levels, system access, password resets and account deletions. Our experienced IT support teams provide value by focusing on continued process enhancements and quality improvements to deliver both improved security and lower costs.
  • Infrastructure Management – We proactively manage the availability of your distributed IT infrastructure to improve productivity and user satisfaction while reducing costs. We can manage desktop/client devices, servers and networks. Our infrastructure outsourcing services include asset management, remote control, patch management, software distribution, as well as fault and performance monitoring and management.

Please contact us to discover the available technologies & strategies can help improve your current business IT systems.

SmartMap™ Advertising - Coming Soon

Want to stand out from the rest of the points of interest? There are special additions that can placed on the map for a point of interest to catch a user's attention if they are driving pass or searching through the map's database. Each business can choose to enhance their point by a specific zoom level or by adding their own personalized logo and having more information such as a telephone number or website. By purchasing a yearly subscription, each business can differentiate itself from the rest by standing out.

To know more about any of our services or to register your interest with SmartMap™ advertising, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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